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Literature Map

This is an updated version of my thesis concept map. This visualization will serve as a roadmap as I write chapter 2, the literature review.


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Value Proposition

For citizen, politician and stakeholders of rust belt cities who wish to revitalize and rebuild their communities, this study will provide design solutions and recommendations for growth and opportunities for innovation.

We do this by partnering with citizen through the use of participatory design methods along with implementing scenario-planning tool to craft alternative futures with the goal of discovering opportunities and creating a vision for the future.

Unlike other research addressing rust belt revitalization, which often takes a singular focus and point of view, this study will use the concept of wicked problems as a theoretical framework and lens through which to view the issues in the rust belt communities. The research process, synthesis and analysis will take a holistic approach to finding solutions and empowering community members.

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45-hour Review

I presented my thesis proposal to a panel of faculty for my 45-hour review…
I passed!

The 45-hour review is a presentation given by MFA students at SCAD to a panel of faculty. The review takes place at the mid-point of the student’s academic course work. The presentation focuses on the student’s thesis proposal and prospectus.


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