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Future Scenarios

Using methods outlined in The Scenario-Planning Handbook, I identified key elements in shaping the cities future. These forces and drivers were used to craft 3 alternate future scenarios for the city of Utica. More information and an outline of the scenarios can be found here.

Members of the community were invited to review and write personal stories around different aspects of the scenarios and how they can play out. Over the next week, the stories will be posted here and everyone is invited to comment and provide feedback.

What if the situation got better?


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Primary Research Methodology & Approach

The purpose of this study is to model a process of participatory design and scenario planning to address the growing social issues in small rust-belt cities. Qualitative, quantitative and mixed method data was collected during the course of this study. Partnerships were formed and data was collected from current residents of the city of the Utica, NY and surrounding suburbs through three primary research methods—a broad survey of residents, interviews of key individuals in the community and targeted focus groups. The area that the field research encompassed is known as the Utica-Rome Metropolitan Statistical Area, as defined by the United States Census Bureau. As of the 2010 census, the area had a population of 299,397 and encompassed two counties—Oneida and Herkimer. The cities in the defined area are Utica (population 62,235) and Rome (population 33,725.)

The data collected from the primary research was analyzed through various methods described in detail in Chapter 4. The field research was supplemented with secondary data found in local news and social media outlets. Themes, insights and findings from the data were affinitized and clustered in a scenario planning matrix (Ralston and Wilson, 2006.) This data served as the basis for the final scenarios created as the result of this study.

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Calling All Greater-Utica Residents…

I want to hear from you!

I have developed a quick survey for you to tell me who you are and what you think about the Utica area and community. Why do you live here? What are Utica’s strengths and weaknesses? What opportunities exist for the city? What is happening right now that can shape the future of the community?

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Literature Map

This is an updated version of my thesis concept map. This visualization will serve as a roadmap as I write chapter 2, the literature review.

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Thesis Course

On Monday afternoon, I will start the course DMGT 790: Design Management MFA Thesis. I will have 10 weeks to concentrate on my thesis and make significant progress on my research analysis and writing. Time to dive in…


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Ethnographic Research

During the month of December, I conducted two focus groups in the city of Utica. Each group was comprised of young professionals (25-40 years old) living and working in the greater Utica area. The groups were lead through four exercises. The results and discussion were captured on post-it notes and affinity diagrams. I also conducted interviews with recently-elected, local politicians and active member of the community which were video recorded and transcribed. I will be analyzing and synthesizing the data over the next few weeks and incorporating the information into the crafting of future scenarios.


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45-hour Review

I presented my thesis proposal to a panel of faculty for my 45-hour review…
I passed!

The 45-hour review is a presentation given by MFA students at SCAD to a panel of faculty. The review takes place at the mid-point of the student’s academic course work. The presentation focuses on the student’s thesis proposal and prospectus.


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