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Calling All Greater-Utica Residents…

I want to hear from you!

I have developed a quick survey for you to tell me who you are and what you think about the Utica area and community. Why do you live here? What are Utica’s strengths and weaknesses? What opportunities exist for the city? What is happening right now that can shape the future of the community?


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Ethnographic Research

During the month of December, I conducted two focus groups in the city of Utica. Each group was comprised of young professionals (25-40 years old) living and working in the greater Utica area. The groups were lead through four exercises. The results and discussion were captured on post-it notes and affinity diagrams. I also conducted interviews with recently-elected, local politicians and active member of the community which were video recorded and transcribed. I will be analyzing and synthesizing the data over the next few weeks andĀ incorporatingĀ the information into the crafting of future scenarios.


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EPIC 2011

On September 20, I headed to Boulder, CO with 2 SCAD professors and a fellow grad student for the 4-day EPIC 2011 conference. (EPIC – Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference.) I talked with several anthropologist, ethnographers, and design researchers in the private and public sector. I even got to meet sci-fi author, Bruce Sterling. I made some great contacts and collected several ideas and strategies to use in my own thesis methodology. Podcasts of all sessions and video of the keynotes, will be up soon.

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