Waiting for an Offer

Author:  Rae & Carl

Forces/Drivers: Brain Drain, Nano-tech Center, Generational Income Disparity

Scenario B

Journal Entry

Well, we did it. The house went on the market today, and we have a few leads on jobs elsewhere. Rachael is growing restless, tired of doing essentially the same job for years, with no real advancement or attempts by her company to keep ahead of the ever-evolving Web field. I’m finally ready to admit that we could be doing better in another area, and some days I’m not sure if my own company is going to stay afloat. I’ve been looking at the possibility of a new job, but there’s not much out there for me unless I want to start my own company. Internet services companies pop up occasionally, only to fail from lack of business. Plus, it seems like every new client we get doesn’t care much about mobile devices or social media—if they even understand what they are. There aren’t many younger people moving into higher positions within companies around here because they’ve all moved away. We thought it might improve when that Nano-tech plant was talking about moving in, but that fell through.

All the efforts at improving the arts and entertainment events and other things to do seem to be falling short lately, as well. Nothing has been pulling people in. Just the other day, the bike club decided to stop running their weekly time trial races during the summer because hardly anyone is coming out to them any longer. The few who do have been doing it for twenty years at this point and are ready to call it quits.

I hope the house sells in a decent amount of time. The housing market isn’t too bad, but it doesn’t seem like many people are looking for a 3-bedroom house these days unless they’re starting a family. The private elementary school next door was a selling point in the past, but with the falling enrollment, they ended up merging it with the high school across town and closing the building.

For now, we’re just waiting on offers and trying to decide where to go.


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