Moving Out, If We Can

Author:  Rae & Carl

Forces/Drivers: Brain Drain, Nano-tech Center, Generational Income Disparity

Scenario C

Journal Entry

It hasn’t been an easy few months. Ever since that Nano-tech plant passed over the area, it seems like more and more tech jobs have been leaving. Carl’s company just folded—the worsening local economy means that companies aren’t focusing on their Web presence. He has hopes for finding another local job, but I think that even if he does, he won’t make what he did at the last one. My job doesn’t seem much more secure, and even if it is, I’ve come to terms with the fact that there’s no promotions in my future—my company is just too small for me to move up.

I think we’re going to be leaving Utica soon. I’ve been looking for jobs elsewhere, and am trying to get him to consider it as well. The only problem is the house; while it hasn’t lost too much value, nothing seems to be selling, since no one is in a position to buy it. With the school next door closed, the St. E’s campus down the street in danger of shutting down, and the general decline of the neighborhood, South Utica isn’t looking as nice as it once was. Thankfully housing prices have been pretty low in Utica for years—we can get by for a while with Carl out of work, but we’ll probably be willing to sell it to whoever makes an offer that covers the rest of the mortgage.

A lot of our friends have already left the area, so it’s not like we’d be moving away from everyone if we did move. Some of our younger friends were fed up with trying to find decent schools for their kids, while some of our older friends decided that even the low cost of living couldn’t keep them here for retirement. They want things to do—entertainment, good food, fun events (and sometimes, nicer weather).

I’m not sure where we’re headed next, but it’ll be anywhere but here as soon as we can find a way out.


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