Moving on Up

Author:  Rae & Carl

Forces/Drivers: Brain Drain, Nano-tech Center

Scenario A

Journal Entry

I just started in my new position today. A few years ago, I thought we might have to leave Utica if either of us wanted to advance in our careers; there just wasn’t much of a market for our skills beyond entry-level. At least, not if we wanted to be paid a fair wage. Since the new Nano-Tech center opened up, even more business have moved into the area and our small intranet services sector has grown along with it. My company has grown to the point that I can finally put those management skills I learned in college to use.

With all the new jobs, it seems like more graduates from the local colleges are staying in the area. I’m starting to see more young faces at events hosted by the bike club and the quilting club—which is great. For a long time, Carl and I were “the young ones,” Now, if we can just convince them to join the leadership—both boards often express a desire for young blood and new involvement (how many times did I hear that when I first started serving my terms).

I wasn’t sure that we‘d stick around for the long run when we bought the house… maybe 10 years so… but it’s starting to look like Utica may be where we stay.


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