Just Another Day in Utica

Author:  Nikki

Forces/Drivers:  Growing Arts District

Scenario B

Dear Diary,                                                        October 5, 2009

It seems as though everyday is just another day here in Utica. Nothing has really changed here in the last year and everything just seems like each weekend is becoming a routine. The city seems to have made a few small changes and it appears as though Utica is not heading in any sort of direction.

I was really hoping that the arts would start to take over and become more prominent in the community, but I was wrong. Almost every weekend I try and go to a coffee shop, bar or restaurant to listen to live music somewhere around the city, but it seems as though I just keep finding the same local talent no matter where I go. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of local talent, however, it would be nice to see different genres and talents. A few of the local bands have even stopped performing, or only perform on rare occasion because performing does not “put food on the table” and does not “put money in their wallet”.

With the city losing some local businesses and the younger population not settling or staying in Utica, there is not much revenue circulating. I would love to see the city bring in some famous acts to come and perform, but I do not think that the city is generating enough revenue for that. Even the F.X. Matt Brewery has cut down its weekly “Saranac Thursdays” do bi-monthly because people, old and young, stopped attending.

Being a music teacher, it is sad to see that students and younger musicians are losing out on opportunities to express themselves and show off their talents outside of their stresses of everyday life and school. I find that my students truly excel at the arts because it is not math, science, English, etc… The arts are 100% about them!

I really hope that the economy and Utica figure out a way to re-stimulate the economy so that the arts do not fade away.

See you tomorrow!


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