An Amazing Year for the Arts

Author:  Nikki

Forces/Drivers:  Growing Arts District

Scenario A

Journal Entry

Dear Diary,                                                         October 5, 2012

This has been an amazing year for the arts district in Utica. The arts have truly flourished in this area and I love being a musician and music teacher more than ever! The city of Utica has really taken advantage of its strengths and opportunities, resulting in economic growth and prosperity in the community.

The streets, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants in West Utica are busy and filled with people of all ages listening to live music and art from both famous and local people. Each week, while the F.X. Matt Brewery hosts their weekly “Saranac Thursday,” I had the opportunity to listen to some local and famous bands, and it only costs me $5 to get in! I am thoroughly impressed with how the area is growing and how people actually want to come to the area and be a part of what is going on, instead of running away from the city the way people have been up to last year.

The growing arts district has progressed so much that there is no longer a separation between music and art; Munson Williams Proctor Institute is now hosting music concerts in their facility, the Utica Music Festival has both music and arts lined up on the streets for people to see and hear.

As a professional musician and music teacher, it is so wonderful to see that the arts are becoming an outlet for people. They are providing a break away from everyday stresses of work and life, providing younger people and outlet of “things to do” on the weekend, it is keeping people out of trouble and off of the streets for crime, and it is rejuvenating the economy because people are going out of their houses. Not to mention that this is an incredible way to showcase all of our local talent in the area.

It makes me feel like music and art are no longer “just something to do” in the area and that people are excited about going out now and like spending the money to support the talent and society.

See you tomorrow!


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