Hospital Collaboration a Success

Author:  Alicia

Forces/Drivers:  Hospital Merger, Brain Drain

Scenario A

Letter to the Editor

When it was announced that talks had begun for a possible merger between St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center (SEMC) and Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare (FSLHC), many people had their reservations. As a Registered Nurse at FSLHC, I myself was skeptical.

I would like to commend both organizations for handling the situation as well as they did and for keeping their employees informed throughout the process. The transition has been smooth and fairly painless. While being overseen by one CEO and Board of Directors, maintaining the hospitals unique identities has been a key factor in the flawless transition. I feel that the employees at both institutions have been walked thru this process step by step, which has helped to ensure nothing but the best quality of care for our patients.

Given the state of our economy and the federal government’s new guidelines for Medicare reimbursement, neither organization would have been able to survive such cuts without this collaboration. SEMC and FSLHC have put their differences aside to do what is best for our community and keeping quality healthcare available to the residents of the Greater Utica area and the Mohawk Valley.

Now that the merger is complete, the hospital administration can work on a strategic plan for the future of the two campuses and services they offer. As an employee I see strong possibilities in specialization of services and research opportunities, which could lead to additional staff positions and improvements in the quality of healthcare provided to our community. I see a bright positive future coming for the healthcare industry in Utica’s future.


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