DOH Makes the Right Decision

Author:  Alicia

Forces/Drivers:  Hospital Merger, Brain Drain

Scenario B

Letter to the Editor

When it was announced that talks had begun for a possible merger between St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center (SEMC) and Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare (FSLHC), many people had their reservations. As a Registered Nurse at FSLHC, I myself was skeptical.

The Department of Health has recently turned down the institutions request to combine services and collaborate as one healthcare organization. Their reason for doing so was that there would be too many duplication of services and/or would create a monopoly in the area of healthcare in Utica.

While both hospitals clearly are only concerned with their financial gain and how the merge would affect their bottom line, at least the residents of Utica have the DOH looking out for their best interests. A merger would have given the area residents no choices as to where they receive their healthcare, but would have also resulted in hundreds of layoffs. When large scale layoffs like that occur, many people would have left Utica in search of other jobs. Is that really what we want for our area? More people leaving in search of better jobs and a better life? Let’s hope this idea of a merge between the two healthcare organizations in Utica has been put to rest for good.


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